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About This Site

Toward the end of 2009, after working on my dissertation on Hans Eworth for nearly a year, it occurred to me that the project needed a web presence. Many of my research informants asked if there was a way for them to keep up with the progress of my work and, until then, there was not. Further, typically--and particularly with lesser-known artists--catalogue writers advertise in arts magazines and newspapers [and develop websites] in order to help in locating lost works of art. In my case, although there are a few lost works [and perhaps more will turn up as a result of this website], my central goal in developing this site was to share with interested individuals more information about the artist commonly known as Hans Eworth and, secondarily, to help in locating those institutions and individuals who may have related works in their collections. I am also interested in connecting with others who have an interest in, or work on, the Tudor period in more general terms. By providing useful links, literature and website reviews and otherwise contributing to the discourse on the period I hope that this website will become an essential resource on sixteenth-century Tudor London's fascinating painters.

This is the second iteration of this site; the first you can view in the small image on the right. The idea behind the design aesthetic is that the site should have a 'museum' or 'catalogue' feel, with a blend of images and text that would present content in a way that was logical, clean, modern and in keeping with the latest in website design principles. In upgrading the site to its current form I hope that users will find the changes and improvements helpful in more easily accessing all of the content while still enjoying Eworth's amazing skill as a painter.

The site has greatly benefited from the generosity of several public and private collections that have given permission to have their pictures featured here and who have, in many cases, provided access to their files and pictures for the purposes of my research. I have also been fortunate to have had assistance from my university, whose unwavering support of my work has been of huge support to me. Finally, several friends and colleagues have also been of great help in the creation of the website, particularly with the graphics; they have my sincere appreciation for their continued help and support. If you would like to know more, the specific details of each contribution can be found under the Site & Image Credits.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any comments, questions, or suggestions.

Hope Walker